Psychedelic Spotlight Podcast

Evan Levine, PsyBio Therapeutics

Episode Summary

Chairman & CEO of PsyBio Therapeutics, Evan Levine, shares why PsyBio doesn't use magic mushrooms to make psilocybin medicine.

Episode Notes

In this episode of the Psychedelic Spotlight podcast, we spotlight Evan Levine, Chairman & CEO of PsyBio Therapeutics, an intellectual property driven biotechnology company developing novel formulations of psychoactive medications produced by genetically modified bacteria for the treatment of mental health issues and other disorders.

In our conversation with Evan, we get the opportunity to learn more about the unique therapeutic solutions PsyBio is currently focused on developing, and we gain a more concise understanding of the value the company is establishing for itself through its evolving intellectual property portfolio of biosynthetic psychoactive compounds.

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*This interview was recorded on August 10, 2021.