Psychedelic Spotlight Podcast

Insights Into the First Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Guidelines with Hadas Alterman

Episode Summary

We delve into the world of psychedelic medicine with Hadas Alterman, Director of Government Affairs at APPA, where we explore their mission to revolutionize healthcare, the groundbreaking professional practice guidelines for psychedelic therapy, and their strategic partnership with The Daschle Group, all aimed at advancing the integration of psychedelics into mainstream healthcare.

Episode Notes

Hadas provides insights into her role at APPA and the organization's mission to seamlessly integrate psychedelic medicine into the U.S. healthcare system.

We also dive into the significance of the first-ever professional practice guidelines for psychedelic-assisted therapy co-published by APPA and BrainFutures. These guidelines are shaping the future of psychedelic therapy and ensuring its safety and effectiveness.

Additionally, we discuss APPA's strategic partnership with The Daschle Group and its role in advancing the implementation of psychedelic-assisted therapy within the healthcare system.

Join us for a captivating conversation about the transformative potential of psychedelics in healthcare and the vital work being done by APPA to make it a reality.